SHC Director Voting 2017-2018

Welcome to the 2017-2018 SHC Director Voting!

This election will fill the 5 SHC Director positions for the 2017-2018 academic year. Please refer to the materials below to learn more about the candidates and their goals for next year. You may cast your vote for each position by completing the form found here:

SHC Director Voting Form

Voting will close on Friday, April 28 at 12:00pm PST. Thank you for your participation!

Director of  EMHA/Alumni Relations

Candidate 1: Anupreet Singh

Candidate Statement:

“Running to become Director of Alumni Relations for SHC has been a personal and very important goal of mine that has grown stronger over the year.  This goal has manifested ever since I was first appointed Chair of Alumni Relations and had the opportunity to be a first year member of SHC.  During the year I was able to work with Janae, this year’s Director of Alumni Relations and Dana and Allyson from Career Services to build the first ever MHA alumni database with more than 300 alumni. This database has information related to all our alumni’s career trajectory, location, year of graduation, organizations at which they have worked, and more. This database is a useful tool that will greatly benefit us and our future graduating classes. I also worked with Janae to plan and coordinate the Fall SHC Speaker Series.  Putting together this event gave me a holistic experience which would allow me fully maximize our class’s marketable value.  I also helped in making Google Surveys to gauge the class’s interest in speakers and events.  Being Chair of Alumni Relations has given me a deep understanding of what the role entails and how we can build upon the amazing work we began this year.  If elected as your Director of Alumni Relations, I would be an easily-accessible resource for my fellow classmates and aim to engage, strengthen, and further develop the ties we have with our MHA Alumni.  Fight On!”

Statement of Goals:

  • Maintain and increase alumni involvement
  • Quarterly newsletter detailing MHA happenings and alumni spotlight
  • Informational organization site tours
  • Attendance at alumni speaker events to support our alumni
  • Organize casual networking events (i.e. hiking) between 1st years, 2nd years, and alumni
  • Holiday Card to send out to alumni
  • Continue Fall SHC Speaker Series event
  • Add in a Spring SHC Speaker Series event
  • Increased alumni attendance at events such as tailgates, MHA banquet, etc.


Candidate 2: Justin Yamamoto

Candidate Statement:

As a current SHC member, it is evident that being on SHC directly impacts what the MHA program has to offer current, future, and past students. It is my goal to help our program feel like a family. From building professional connections, to providing mentors, and even creating shadowing positions, I believe a strong network is the key to success. As EMHA/Alumni Director, I would expand on our current network to create a seamless community of individuals focused on furthering each other’s experiences as healthcare professionals.

Statement of Goals:

Create a strong, USC MHA network that can be utilized to further enhance the educational experience here in LA.

Director of Events

Candidate: Dhaneya Kumaraswamy

Candidate Statement:

I’d like to be directly involved in executing successful professional and social events.  I am aware of just how much effort and passion is needed to throw events that exude creativity and have a strong impact on the individuals of the program and I would like to be a part of that. I enjoy how the student health council is based on teamwork AND we all know how teamwork makes the dream work! I am up for the challenge of bringing visions come to life and ensuring that there is always hard work, open mindedness, love, and purpose behind each single event hosted by the student health council. I want to help people connect both professionally and socially as well as get the advice and guidance that they need in order to thrive in this program (and after the end of this program). I want to make sure that the students of this program know that I’m someone that they can always reach out to, for any reason, and for any circumstance. Furthermore, having the role of director of events will help my individual growth as well and strengthen my leadership skills, which is something I would like to be consistently working on. I strongly believe that I will do well in this position and I promise to give it my all and work to the best of my ability!

Statement of Goals:

I am running for the position of director of events and I intend on making the school year of 2017-2018 one that is memorable for the students of the MHA program.

Director of Finance

Candidate: Luwam Kbrom

Candidate Statement:

Hello everyone! My name is Luwam Kbrom and I am running for SHC Director of Finance! A little bit about myself, I grew up in a small town near Fresno, CA in the Central Valley. I graduated from UC Berkeley in 2011 and before entering the MHA program, I was working for Life and Disability insurance company for four years.

I currently serve as the Finance Chair of SHC. During my time in this role, I have worked very closely with the current Director of Finance to ensure timely and accurate submission of budget proposals and expense reports to GSG (Graduate Student Government). This past year, I have also had the opportunity to attend GSG finance meetings and learn more about how GSG funding operates. In partnership with the current Director of Finance, we have guaranteed SHC to receive the necessary funds to put on great events for the MHA student body!

The reason I initially joined SHC and why I am running again is because I have really enjoyed being a voice for the MHA student body. I want to leave the MHA program knowing that I was able to not only improve it for incoming cohort, but to ensure current students are getting the most out of their investment here in the program.

Statement of Goals:

My goal is to create a smooth transition to the Director of Finance role and to have the opportunity to continue working with GSG to ensure funding for future SHC events! Moreover, I plan to create a formal document that future finance chairs and directors can refer to on how to receive funding. This will allow them to work efficiently with GSG and easily navigate the budget proposal and expense report process.

Director of Program Development

Candidate: Jijo Mattamana

Candidate Statement:

There are many reasons why I am running for the positon of Director of Program Development. The main reason why I am running is because I want to ensure that every student within our program has every opportunity to obtain goals they set for themselves academically or career wise. I want to make sure that when individuals graduate from this program they feel as if they obtained the necessary skills and connections that they need to benefit themselves in their future careers. I believe that I have some great ideas and goals to help our fellow students reach their maximum potential. I would also love to work with a dedicated team of fellow students, where we help solve the issues that our program faces. I am running for the Director of Program Development because I want to help take our already extraordinary students to an even greater level of professional development.

Statement of Goals:

  1. I have goals to better the entire MHA program at USC which will enrich every student and help them obtain their own goals.
    1. Develop an Excel Bootcamp – The purpose of this would be to ready the individuals in the program who would like to improve their basic Excel skill. The skills that should be learned, but not limited to are: sum or count function, pivot table manipulation, formula writing with absolute cell references, sort options, VLookup function, IF statements, nested formulas, create and format charts, etc.
    2. Create more consulting opportunities – More students are planning on going into the consulting setting. Consulting information sessions and networking needs to become a priority within our program to cater to the needs of the students.
    3. Create a strategic feedback initiative – Often individuals within our program feel the need to provide constructive criticism of events or the program itself and I would like to create a more efficient way of conducting this.

Director of Public Relations

Candidate: Celeste Cheung

Candidate Statement:

As Director of Public Relations, I will be responsible for all external communications on behalf of SHC, developing publicity for events, overseeing website development and maintenance, and creating the SHC newsletters. Because of my previous job as a vendor manager at Amazon, I have significant experience maintaining a professional relationship through online communications, as well as the knowledge to manage marketing and publicity campaigns. I was also my team’s Subject Matter Expert on building merchandising widgets, so I have experience using HTML editors and can translate these skills to the development of SHC’s website and newsletters. I hope that I can count on your vote!

Statement of Goals:

If given the opportunity to be SHC’s Director of Public Relations, my goals are to:
  • Maintain SHC’s professional image in all external communications,
  • Publicize SHC events to current students and alumni through email and social media,
  • Update and maintain the SHC website with upcoming events and other opportunities for networking, and
  • Publish Fall and Spring newsletters to recap past events.

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